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, includes nbc news reporting that a tsa agent was killed at los angeles international airport this morning. it all started about 9:20 this morning with reports of a man with a rifle inside terminal three at los angeles international airport. chaos ensued as multiple shots were heard. eight to ten shots reported by eyewitnesss in two separate moments. these are live pictures from the scene this morning. now, we understand originally at least two people were hit. we expect a special report from nbc news any moment now. officials at los angeles international airport report ag suspect in custody and there are multiple victims following a shooting. it occurred this morning, 9:30 pacific time at or near a tsa security checkpoint in terminal 3 of the l.a. airport. that will be the checkpoint for virgin america airlines. the gunman reportedly carrying a rifle. the motive unclear. we're told the situation is over right now. this is a picture -- these are pictures of the scene earlier. you see a tsa officer and another person who were taken into ambulances. we're getting late word now about casualti
angeles international airport when a new jersey man living in los angeles allegedly walked inside the airport carrying this assault rifle and more than 200 rounds of ammunition. >> this morning a gunman opened fire in lax's terminal three, killing a tsa agent. the first to die in the line of duty. >> that agent is 39-year-old gerardo fernandez. this cell phone video obtained shows the chaos in the terminal as shots rang out. >> i was putting my shoes in the check out point and i hear shots. >> it was bang bang bang bang. >> i heard someone say run, run, run. all i could see was the crowd coming forward. >> he was able to get through the security area and the exit and in the terminal where terrified performs took cover. >> everybody dropped to the ground and started crawling along staying as low as possible. >> minutes later armed police officers were able to stop the gunman and take him into custody. >> i didn't overstate the competence and the heroism of the police officers that initially responded to this incident. >> operations were destructed and flights grounded for hours. >>
francio, kland, los angeles and sacrento. > a bay area man may be facing charges in southernalifornia after taking aun to los angeles airport. the suspect i a 27-year-old man froman jose. his name's not being released after landing in l.a he took a handn out of his checked back. it turns out, the man had declar in his luggage. he hadollowed the law. he wiz arrested on the charge of brandishing a gu and it's now up tohe city atrney whether any charges willefiled. >>> former santa clara county supervis is behind bars tonigh a judge sentenced hiyesterday to a year in jail. he pleaded guiltyo corruption charges d misung funds. he will likely be on probation fo three years. he blames his gambling addiction for the crime. >>> the olympic torch di something that never has been do before. >>> and berkeley students catching a break. the lesten a tuition freeze at will save families some ney. >>> my dad was kille on the brge, july 31st, 1964 and i'm hereor closure. >> an emotional day on the eastern span of the bay bridge. e woman's idea who turned into a memoal. ♪ th holiday magic in both pa
los angeles a helicopter rescue. five plucked to safety during flash flooding. for commuters in southwest cities, the roads, a nightmare. in los angeles, two killed in collisions. in san diego, six rescued from sinking cars. slick roads in las vegas accounted for 141 crashes in 24 hours, 5 times more than normal. a flood watch is in place for the arizona desert. the forecast calls for 18 hours of rain. from the sierras to the rocky mountains, steady snow. today, 100-mile-per-hour winds forced heavenly mountain ski resort to shut down on its opening day. with the storm moving east, there's already a crunch at the airport. here at l.a.x., 2 million passengers will travel over the holiday, the most in the nation. but with more winter weather ahead delays and cancellations are inevitable. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. >>> at the other end of the country, as we mentioned, forecasters are already looking, already worried about what may be a bad weather setup for thanksgiving week. meteorologist chris warren is at weather channel headquarters for us tonight. chris, how do
? we're live in los angeles with the latest. >>> unsportsmanlike conduct. a miami dolphin leaves the team under mysterious circumstances. allegations of repeated bullying led him to quit. could a lunch room prank have been the final straw? >>> rocky mountain high anxiety. the denver nuggets mascot passes out. during pre game introductions. an update on the mascot "today," saturday, november 2nd, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today." with lester holt and erica hill. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> i'm erica hill. alongside maria schiavocampo who is in for jen a and dylan dreyer. jen a, of course on maternity leave. >> the top story. the deadly shooting of the tsa agent in los angeles airport. the 39-year-old victim the first officer to be killed in the line of duty in the agency's 12-year history. the suspected gunman and several others remain hospitalized this morning and investigators trying to answer the question who set the shooter off as they continue to look for clu
the effects. in total, nearly a dozen flights to and from los angeles were cancelled, leading to long lines at the virgin america counter and others. passengers, check with your carrier before heading to the airport and consider flying to other southern california airports. some still had problems. >> it said flight on time for the longest time. i kept going. i parked and got on the shuttle over to the airport. as soon as i got on that shuttle i checked again and the flight was cancelled. >> it's also possible to look at some of the other airports around the los angeles area. there's long beach, there's burbank. >> reporter: as far as security is concerned, i'm told out of an overabundance of caution, the san francisco police department is going to be doing extra patrols around the terminals. that's likely going to be a short-term measure. >>> we should not forget about oakland airport. all southwest flights to and from l.a.x. were delayed. this story continues to develop each hour. for the latest, we invite you to go to our website. >>> traffic tonight is moving slowly, but smoothly after
in the los angeles international airport shooting. friday, the gunman opened fire. here's nbc's sarah dallof. >> reporter: new photos of terror show passengers huddled together inside a bathroom. an eerily deserted checkpoint. and armed officials. as airport operations returned to normal on sunday, flowers left inside of terminal 3 serve as a solemn reminder of the deadly shooting. 42 of federal criminal complaints, 23-year-old paul ciancia came prepared with an assault rifle. high capacity magazines. a bag of ammunition and a handwritten manifesto. >> we found a statement where we he made a conscious decision to kill multiple tsa employees. >> reporter: as he made his way through the terminal, ciancia reportedly asked some people if they were with tsa. and moved on when they responded no. but at the security checkpoint, he opened fire. tsa officer gerardo hernandez who was about to celebrate his 40th birthday was killed. agents tony grigsby and james speer shown here were both wounded. as was teacher brian ludmer. ciancia made it about 100 yards into the terminal, before police shot him mul
,ow facing a possible sentence of life in ison. mike taibbi, nbc new los angeles. >>> in seattle a mans under arrest after brehing security at seaac airport and managing to board a parkeet. authities say the man bolted through a security check a ran down a concourses police chasedim. he wenthrough an exit door, down thetairs to the tarmac. then he climbed a ladder to a jetway and from there made his way aboard the empty amerin airlines jet. he was arrested after a struggle. the man was like under the influence of drugs >>> two high ranking u.s. navy officers are under investigation in a widing bribery scandal. nbc's kristen welker has t story r us tonight. >> reporter: two high ranking naval ficers, vice admiral ted branch, director of naval intelligence. and rear admiral, bruce loveless, director of intelligence operations have had their access to classified 2346gs suspended and hav been placed on temporary lee. in a statent, the navy says the decisionas in connection with an ongoing naval criminal investigative service investigatn into illegal and improper relations with leonard francis. on
beach, los angeles, the showers in the mountains. look what's coming down through malibu. a little line of rain. that may hold together right into los angeles here over the next half hour or so. so just keep that in mind if you're heading out, you may need the windshield wipers briefly. also, leftover rain shower activity between sacramento and san francisco, but if you're driving on interstate 5, and as far as the weather pattern goes, we'll end up with a pretty good-sized storm off the california coast. a big ole huge high will build down from the north, and that will lead to a high wind event thursday night into saturday. actually call it a mono wind event, something i'd never heard of before, but they can get 100 miles per hour on the downside of the sierras, so high wind warnings i air, and leftover showers in bakersfield. >> so from growing up there, is that a term you heard, mono wind event? >> i was wondering what that highfalutin word was, what was it? >> mono high wind event. >> all right. leave it to you. thank you, bill karins. >>> heart-saving, cancer-saving, waist-slimming
in san francisco, the president flew to los angeles and before attending another fundraiser he met with the family of the tsa agent killed at l.a.x. >>> surgery at a fraction of the cost. millions of americans are now going outside the u.s. for cheaper health care. ahead, we investigate medical tourism and find out if it is worth the savings. >>> john mcafee is under fire again. the dispute on a luxury apartment. >>> the group of women the morning after pill likely won't work for. >>> i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri we are tracking a storm system in the pacific. we'll have details on what this means for thanksgiving coming up. >>> going overseas for a cheaper surgery is nothing new but insurance companies are jumping on board. >> but would you trust it? investigative reporter alyce kesher checked it out. >> reporter: even u.s. businesses and health care providers are considering outsourcing medical tourism. is it a big business that can still come as a cost. 1500 miles traveled. months of waiting to experience this. >> i want to walk in the water tonight. >> reporter: kelly je
.a.x. were canceled. and the effects weren't limited to flights between san francisco and los angeles. a flight from new york city was among those diverted to sfo. a lot of passengers spent their afternoon scrambling to find another way to get to l.a. >> i was hoping to get into l.a. because my nephew's game is at 4:00. and i was just trying to get there in time, but unfortunately, there are no flights available to get me in in that window, so kind of defeats the purpose of going down south. i'm going to head back home. >> probably won't be a flight today. so we would have to wait until tomorrow for the next flight. we have a wedding tomorrow, and a rehearsal dinner tonight. so we kind of wanted to make it down there tonight. >> either drive down, but there's apparently a ton of traffic, or take a flight tomorrow. so hopefully it won't be canceled tomorrow. >> reporter: virgin america did what it could to accommodate the people standing in long lines. they brought them out beverages and snack food as the passengers waited to be told they would not be able to fly to los angeles tonight
reunion for a local girl and her uncle who is living on the streets of los angeles. >> temperatures in the bay area right now pretty comfortable. 40s and 50s outside, and more 60s tomorrow. we'll let you know the full forecast in a couple minutes. >>> an oakland teenager making good on his promise for a organ teenager. they served to the less fortunate. carraway had liver failure when he was 14 years old. since them mim and his family feed the needy every thanksgiving to honor his donor johnny hernandez. >> it's always good to come out and feed people for him. he is not here, and we just have a different impact on people's lives. >> he and his mother feed the homeless in oklahoma once a month, not just on thanksgiving. he said he hopes he encourages others to become organ donors. plenty of people are headed to the coastline to see some big waves. beautiful to watch. people are snapping pictures of the 10 foot swells. it was not large enough to close the pier, but they were big enough to put out alerts. the warning expired late this afternoon. let's bring in rob to talk about our tha
-american mmunity of eagle rock, los angeles suburb, those with relatives the typhoon zone fear the worst. >> iatched the news this morning. it's really horrie, you know. even tugh we did hear, you think about them. all the communications a down. andthere's power at all. reporter: relief efforts have stted even with the full story notet to. donations of food and other goods and money collected at filipino churches lik this one l.a. >>his is actlly the biggest stm ever. e of the biggest on eart >> rorter: meteorologists say it is one of theiggest and most destructive sto systems makeandfalls since the waves at came ashore in the 2004 indian oce tsunami. historic storm deliveringody blow t the hard-to-reach center. >> we just pray for them >> reporter: the final death to still to be determined,ut already heartbreaking, especially for frien and loved ones waiting for any news. for today, mike taibbi,bc news, los angeles. >> f more, you can help the victim head to ourebsite >> erseas, secretary of state hn kerry and top foreign misters are regrouping after failing to reach a dea
for a ride home to los angeles on sunday, but eighths here at the greyhound station say he never boarded that bus. we also know he called family on monday frantic telling them he needed help and was in trouble. that was the last time family heard from him. >> and eats a nice boy. he was not the type of troublemaker boy. he is -- he's really intelligent. he speaks four languages. >> anna rodriguez is desperate to find her brother. 23-year-old paolo netto. she and her mother flew to san francisco from brazil after receiving a frantic call him monday night. >> the obviously he was terrified. he called me saying please call the police. i'm in trouble. there's people toing me. >> she asked officers to check 505 shotwell in the mission district where his smartphone was located when she got the call. no one has heard from him since. >> it's really unusual. we usually speak to him almost every day or every two days. >> the family filed a missing person's report today and is retracing his steps and say the netto arrived in san francisco friday on a bus from his home in los angeles. the artist w
of los angeles from new jersey, walked inside the terminal, then pulled out this assault rifle from a bag. >> he proceeded up into the screening area where our tsa screeners are and continued shooting. they tracked the individual through the airport and engaged him in gunfire. >> reporter: police say the suspect killed a transportation security administration employee and wounded three other officers before continuing to fire rounds inside the terminal. >> the officers didn't -- i repeat, they didn't hesitate. they went after this individual and confronted this individual in our airport. >> reporter: screams in panic filled the terminal. >> there is a shooting in terminal 3. >> i just heard shots. the guy literally came in from the glass doors entering like nothing was wrong. just started shooting everyone. >> everyone dropped to the ground, started crawling along. just staying as low as possible. >> reporter: passengers poured onto the tarmac to escape the bloodshed. the mayhem unfolded on social media. >> oh, my gosh. >> shooting in terminal 3. they are evacuating. >> reporter: seven we
the legacy alive. >>> good evening. tomorrow morning will bring the beginning passengers to los angeles international airport and likely very few of them will be able to pass through security screening without thinking back to friday's terrifying shooting. today paul krench, the badly injured 23-year-old man suspected of opening firing, killing a tsa screener and wounding three others was formally charged with the murder of the officer and violence at international airports. federal crimes for which he could receive the death penalty if convicted. nbc's miguelal maguer joins us. >> reporter: according to investigators, this is where the suspect was dropped off by a roommate who did not know what was coming. police say he walked right through those front doors behind me into the terminal, pulled out a gun and opened fire while alone. operations at l.a.x. are back to normal as we learn new details on the fatal shooting. >> reporter: with the heavy police presence, terminal 3 is again packed with passengers. it was here -- >> shots fired. >> reporter: where the panic, chaos and bloodshed b
function but something we need to certainly examine given what happened in los angeles. >> reporter: gerardo hernandez was the first tsa officer to die in the line of duty, seen here on the job last december. officers james spear and tony grigsby were shot and released from the hospital. bryan mudrykmer, a high school teacher, was shot in the leg. >> he said he was grateful to be alive. he was hit, went down, turned around and saw the gunman face to face. >> reporter: in new jersey where ciancia grew up and attended private school, his father heard of the shooting on television. through an attorney, his family spoke today. >> it is most important for us as a family to express our deep and sincere sympathy to the hernandez family. >> reporter: ciancia was said to be dropped off at l.a.x. by an unsuspecting roommate. it's al believe -- also believed he sent text messages to his brother and sister before the shooting saying he wanted to die. the police did conduct a welfare check at his home in the los angeles area. it, though, was an hour after the shooting. >> miguel almaguer startin
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. to and from los angeles. this comes just three weeks after a gunman killed a tsa agent and shot four other people also at l.a.x. >>> the bay area is still in clean-up mode 24 hours after a powerful storm whimd through. two people died during that wind storm and power was knocked out to thousands. curious residents posed next on this huge tree by lake merritt. it knocked over the eucalyptus. they got nearly 200 calls from downed trees, branches and other debris connected to those winds. pg&e worked around the clock to restore power to thousands of customers. it also knocked down a tree on oregon street in berkeley which damaged two cars. wind gusts reached up to 65 miles an hour in alameda county. >>> strong winds continue to fuel this brush fire in napa. the silverado fire is 70% contained. it has burned 300 acres thus far. the fire started last night in the canyon area. at one point it was under mandatory evacuates. more wind challenges for fire crews in sonoma county. the mccain wildfire has burned 2,500 acres. only 10% is contained. it started around 2:00 this morning. a handful of home
the gunman opened fire at los angeles international airport. this as the slain tsa officer's wife speaks out. >> he was a very good person. he took pride in his duty for the american public. >>> show of force. extra-tight security as some 45,000 athletes prepare to run in today's new york city marathon since the first time since both superstorm sandy and the boston bombing. >>> and what the hail? a fantastic finish at the end of the nebraska/northwestern football game. >> it's caught! it's caught! it's a touchdown! >>> and yes, cornhusker fans everywhere still celebrating today sunday, november 3rd, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today." with lester holt and erica hill. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >>> and welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm erica hill. >> and i'm lester holt alongside dylan dryier and mara schiavocampo. that highlight that will live on. by the way, it's nice to see everybody made it on time today. >> we did. that was a little challenge for you last time we changed our clocks. >> you've got to let that go. it was a one had of time deal. >
now, president obama is in los angeles after spending about five hours in the bay area. we showed you his rival in los angeles live during our 5:00 newscast. the first arrived at lack before 5:30, then the president boarded marine one. the fundraising tour continues at the home of basketball great magic johnson. tomorrow, he'll visit dreamworks animation studios for a speech on the economy and will attend another democratic national committee fundraising event. he leaves los angeles for d.c. tomorrow afternoon. >>> a high-profile interruption and high-dollar fundraising, that's the headline. president barack obama made three stops in san francisco. a free event for invited guests and a paid event and fundraiser. during that first public event here, he was heckled by a former u.c. berkeley student. nbc has more on what happened and more on the heckler. >> reporter: san francisco, usually a friendly place for president obama, but not so today here in san francisco. the reason -- immigration reform. >> because it's long past time to fix our broken immigration system. >> reporter: for alm
we need to examine given what happened in los angeles. >> the suspect paul ciancia was shot four times by police. he remains hospitalized this evening. >>> it's a small election but could have a big impact. voters of sunnyvale will head to the polls to decide on a gun control measure. >> reporter: they'll be watching the outcome for two reasons. first of all, several other cities throughout the nation are considering similar legislation. they want to see what voters do tomorrow. but also the nra is already threatening to sue if the measure happens. when 26 people died in newtown, connecticut, the mayor knew he had to try to do something to curve gun violence. >> innocent children go down. accidental killing goes down by young adults. >> reporter: more than 1,000 people signed a petition agreeing with the mayor. if approved, it will prohibit magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. it require firearms to be locked up when not in use. it will require registration for ammo purchases, which sellers must keep on file for two years. one sunnyvale resident said measure c goes too far. >
out what happened when the gunman opened fire at los angeles international airport. this as the slain tsa officer's wife speaks out. >> he was a very good person. he took pride in his duty for the american public. >>> show of force. extra-tight security as some 45,000 athletes prepare to run in today's new york city marathon since the first time since both superstorm sandy and the boston bombing. >>> and what the hail? a fantastic finish at the end of the nebraska/northwestern football game.
in the entire country on wednesday will be los angeles at 83 degrees. that's not going to stick with us. it does look like some of the cooler air will work back in, even l.a. you've got two 80s wednesday and thursday in l.a. then it cools off as we head towards saturday. they're still waiting. they want the rain. they need it in california. the mountains need it for the snow. not yet. >> they do. but it's the hometown. you get used to that. november, 80 degrees. thank you for that. >>> in entertainment, ben stiller told the "new york times" that he thought the hair gel scene in "there's something about mary" was not believable. he kept asking the directors, how is it possible that his character wouldn't feel that gel on his ear? well, the farrelly brothers told stiller, just go with it, and of course that scene ended up becoming movie history. >>> marie osmond revealed on "the talk" when she was in her 20s her "e" cup breast size gave her a bad back and so she had breast reduction surgery. drew barrymore and husband are expecting another child. blake lively told "vogue paris" that she doesn't ha
mother, brooke muelr. these ages were reportedly presented to the los angeles department o children and family services by denise. the bore image was reportedl taken on july 26th while under denise's care while the other image was reportedly taken on ly 28th when he returned hom from an overnht with brooke the photo aeared to show a large red welt on e side of his face under his hairline and in front of his right ear. in a reported letter to dcfs denise does nospeculate on what caused the injury. bu if the letr is genuine, dese is very spefic when outlightning the troubling behavi she claims to have witnessed by the boys, behavior thatas led toer decisn to surrenderer role asheir primary care
found shot toeath in his los angeles home. he i in the left of your screen. now,n the rights democtic who was elected three years ago to represent the 43rd district. police say the elder goto's house had been ransacked and did not release any other information. >>> well, a full week after typhoon haiyan slammed into the philippimes, the's progress to report the u.s.s. georg washington riving off the coast of the philippines just this morning. with thehip comes the ability to purify 100,000 galns of everday and helicopters that will be used to search and rescue missions. that ijust a long time cing and so needed. meantime, we areearing rsthand accounts of all that devastation fromeople returng home to theay ea. the weaver are fro redwood city. where t visiting famy in the philippines, had them -- their home that they were with was spared, but theyay what they saw still so verard to believe. >>ead bodies. peop all over the place. the odor was -- it s -- >> was getting emotional. thes people here you have to see all these people died. is so heavy. >> early this morningapan announng it's
even on sunday. the u.s. postal serviceill deliver the packages on sunday. it's only available in los angeles and new york. 's planned to roll out to more ties next ar. >> you'll wa to be in the bay christmas gifts early?r >> i'm goingo hand deliver them. >> thanks for joining us. we'll see youack here >> bye-bye. >> announcerit's "the tonight show wi jay leno," featuring rickey minor d "the tonight show" band. tonight, j welcomes -- oscar nominad actor casey affleck, kelly claron, the music of lyle lovett wh speciaguest john hiatt and "headlines." and now, jay leno! [ cheers andpplause ] ♪ [ cheers a applause ] ♪ >> jaythank you very much. thank you very muc [ cheers and applause ] thank you, tha you. welcome to "the tonight show." please be seated. be seated. hey, happy veterans day. have some vet
, honoring four lives lost. joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. >> we are eping a close eye on the possibility of severe weather in the middle of the country. the area extends from e great lakes to the midouth. severe thunderstorms, damaging wis and tornadoes are s able. the threat will move from west to east througut the day tomorrow. when "nbc nightly news" continues onhe this saturday, what's become an almost unbearable situation f one town that fis itself a magnet for those unwantedisitors. >>> later the inspiring story of a young man who is running fast beuse his time with those loves may be lited. >>> we are back with atory that gives new meaning to the problem ofnbearable neighbors. we are tking about polar bea that invade a northern canada town for years and have done so wi a vengeance this ye. it may have to do with climate chge. we get the story from nbc's chief environmental affairs correspondent, anne thpson. >> reporter: where the polar bes roam in churchill, canada, the street signsre a little different. here, 800 people and some 900 bears try to co-exist from late june to late n
need to hear the intricate details of their lives, say, all the way from new york to los angeles. while it's early yet in this process, the new head of the fcc said this is just keeping up with the times. he says they're reviewing their outdated and restricted rules. the story where we begin tonight is with nbc's tom costello. he's at national airport in washington. tom, good evening. >> reporter: good evening. this is still far from reality, but it could be soon you'll be able to hear everything your seatmate says, in fact, everybody on the plane says the length of your entire trip. for many it's that last refuge from ringing cell phones and text messages. but now what may be the first sign that could change. the fcc says it will soon propose allowing passengers to talk on their phones in their seats above 10,000 feet. something already aloud in europe and asia but not in the u.s. in a statement the fcc commissioner said today the time is right to review our outdated and restricted rules. a public comment period would come first. >> this idea is every frequent flyer's worst nightmare,
>>> good morning. not again! thousands of people evacuated from los angeles international airport. >> everyone on the ground! everybody get down! >> it happened after a report of shots fired. this just weeks after a gunman sprayed bullets inside that same airport, while on the other side of the country, a passenger's terrifying outburst. >> get [ bleep ] off! there is a bomb on the plane! there is a bomb on the plane! >>> a taste of winter. freezing weather and snow and heavy rain making their way across the country. will this system make a mess of your thanksgiving travel? >>> and brotherly bond. a blind puppy who has his own seeing eye dog. his brother! they have got a new home and they will be be live in our studio "today," saturday november 23rd, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with lester holt and erica hill, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >>> i'm lester holt. >> i'm erica hill alongside dylan dreyer and chrispen welker who made her way up from washington here to new york. >> goo to see you in the studio. >> i'm not all bundled up outside of the
the east coast is next. miguel almageur, nbc news, los angeles. >>> to an amtrak train derailment that left 00 passengers stranded overnight in south carolina. the new york-bound train derailed causing several cars to slip off the tracks and injure several passengers, luck request for the passengers, the train had full power and heat, shielding them from the 20-degree weather outside. buses are en route to transfer passengers to another rail. >>> living abroad now to iran where an historic nuclear deal is done. the international reaction coming swift and mixed. with america's closest mideast ally israel calling it an historic mistake, here at home, leading members of congress are cautious but accepting. nbc's ahman mohyeldin. good morning. this deal follows years of behind-the-scenes diplomatic work. the question might be what are the next steps that are so crucial in this? >> well the short answer to that is compliance and enforcement. on the one hand you have this agreement that's spells out what is expected to happen the in the next six months, and a big component of that involves inspec
pictures at l.a.x. this is air force one just landing in los angeles, california. it is just now arriving in l.a. president obama after a series of fundraisers here in the bay area, will do the same thing down south in the l.a. area. >>> we are not just 73 days until the start of the olympic winter games. today tickets went on sale in russia. many people lined up dropping some big bucks to see the games in person. ticket prices range from $16 for a hockey game to more than $1600 for the opening sceremony. that takes place february 7th right here on nbc. >> thanks for joining us. >> good night. a big storm barrelling across the country just as the thanksgiving travel rush gets underway. a nightmare scenario for tens of millions on the move. >>> the investigation. nearly a year after the tragedy in newtown tonight, what authorities have uncovered about what happened inside that school. the police response, and the 20-year-old gunman. >>> what's the deal? the administration says it is a history-making agreement with iran. the other side labels it an historic mistake, and the stakes are high.
president obama busy wrapping up his three-day west coast tour in los angeles following just a whirlwind visit to san francisco. >> he was greeted by a line of protesters. his five-hour bay area visit was a quick one, and also included a fundraising event and a tech roundtable. >> the woman who jumped from the third deck of the coliseum. this happened after the raiders game on sunday. the vietnam veteran this morning still has the bruises. you see them right there on his arms to show for it. >> when she was falling, i held my arms out so they can land on my arms, and then i was going to lock her in, and as we fell, we were fwog fall together. that way she -- i absorbed the impact and nothing was going to happen to her. they call me a hero. i'm a hero to them, but to me i just reacted the way i did. >> humble. the oakland raiders are showing their appreciation as well. hall of famer willie brown personally drove to his house to thank him and to give him sunday's game ball. now, he said he would love to hear from the woman or her family to see how she's doing. investigators say the on
los angeles. >>> still ahead, a warning for women about a morning after pill. the reason the pill might not work for some. >>> play at your own risk. the most dangerous toys. we have the list. stay with us. >>> attention holiday shoppers. the annual trouble in toyland report is out. the california public research group is sounding the alarm for some kids two and under. they found some plastic dolls can come apart and be a choking hazard. >> just because it is on the shelves, doesn't mean it's safe. we've seen a huge improvement over the past 20 years and 10 years. there's still toys that pose a risk. >> the group recommends a simple test to determine if a toy could be choking hazard. if it can fall through a toilet paper roll, it can lodge in a child's throat. go to our website for the full list, >>> warning women about a morning after pill saying it doesn't work well for all women. the fda is investigating whether the emergency contraceptive needs a safety change. it does not work well in women who weigh more than 165 pounds. it's not sold in the united states, bu
. some of you may want to carry that jacket home in los angeles and phoenix. west coast, we'll be waiting to see the next storm that comes. there does look like there will be a chance of showers in southern california. it's really miniscule and won't interrupt anyone's plans. >> why don't you turn up the clucking sound from the turkey on your graphic? >> i figured one turkey in the studio was enough. >> this guy. got to deal with this guy. >>> stick around. prince william met jon bon jovi and taylor swift and joined them for a little sing along. ♪ living on a prayer ♪ we'll make it i swear ♪ oh livin' on a prayer >> ever get put in that situation? that's tough to do. >> i would do it with taylor swift. >> yeah, but sing on demand. he did okay. >>> family guy killing off brian has led to outcries around the globe. fox has launched a website now, they'll be making a statement about brian's future at 2:00 pm eastern time, 11:00 am pacific. he's coming back. come on. >>> country singer keith urban has cut off his locks. actress jennifer love hewitt and hubby anno
. not much to be thankful for on the 405 freeway in los angeles yesterday. check this out. traffic was backed up for miles on l.a.'s west side. looks luke christmas lights there. if you thought the 405 was packed, this is a map of what it looked like from the air last night. that map is from buzzfeed and courtesy of planefundeplanefind. it's not hard to find things on that map. >>> it has become a holiday tradition at the obama's. they were at the capital food bank, distributing food to the needy in washington. president obama, first lady michelle, and daughters sash a and malia, helping pack bags of food and hand them to seepors and children in need. before that, the presidential pardon for the national thanksgiving turkey. this year's lucky bird, popcorn, was selected by a vote on the white house web suit. popcorn went waddle to waddle as they say, against another bird, caramel. by the way, both birds were spared. >>> also, in washington, officials kick off the first ever thanksgiving cup. it started with the lighting of the world's largest menorah on the national mall. joining the jewish c
failed when he was just 11 years old, he received a transplant from a los angeles teenager that was killed in an accident. the family feeds the homeless once a month and on thanksgiving they honor his donor. >> it's an honor to honor him. it's good to come out and feed for him. since he is not here, and just have a different impact on people's lives. >> he said he hopes that his actions not just on thanksgiving, but every month when he does this will encourage others to be organ donors. >>> it's a tradition in san francisco, but this year, it comes with a twist, a musical twist. the cast broke in to song while helping to serve lunch at the memorial church. ♪ amazing grace ♪ how sweet the sound >> sounds nice, doesn't it? the church serves several thousand people. as they are enjoying the tech boom, there's still a huge problem with the homeless and needy. >> i'm in the shelter. you know? and without this, i would not -- i probably would not be eating today. i would not be eating dinner food, it's beautiful, man. >> in addition to the sit down meal, they gave out over 17
morning lester is in los angeles this morning. i'm sure you got a lot ofleep making your way out thereo be on the show this morning. >> th kind of sleep with the little pillow against the window seat. it worked out. i'outere -- i was vited to be i guess a contestant on hollywood game night, jane lynch's show i've been brushing up on pop culture and trivia. >> are you nrvous at all? >> i actually am. there are a l of celebrities an actors and actresses the shoechlt as the nws guy, i think people expect me to get some of this stuff right. >> so you've been practing non-stop for weeks? >> i want t brin all my producers with me, the people that make me look good. >> remember to bring your rpiece with you. we're gla you made it safely. looking forward to hearing about that. >> we'll tel you more about it, when it's going to run. >>> we have busy morning of news ahead of this. this morning we'll take a look at whether or not the past week was president obama'worst yet in office. still scrambling to fix the health care mess david gregory will be here to talk about where the president will go
, laguardia and down towards los angeles not doing too bad. we do expect the delays to increase throughout the next 24 hours. so our holiday forecast zuz have temperatures in the 60s with the cloud cover increasing as we head to thanksgiving. so we got the better side of our storm system. >> we don't mind that. we're not complaining. >> we truly are. let's bring in more. yes, thanksgiving means giving thanks but also a lot of football around the corner. >> i can't wait. because the 49ers led in yards and touchdowns before tearing his right achilles during team drills. today to make room for him mccloud thompson and coach jim harbaugh says he anticipates crabtree will make a seasoned debut at home. and we're back here. mcfadden might be returning on thanksgiving day. he's been nurse an injured ham strike. returned to practice today. and the head coach says he expects mcfadden to be on the field against the dallas cowboys. san jose state running back has worked hard but he hasn't done it alone. they are thankful to have each other. >> wen we bought him to practice, he was shorter
>> be glad you're not headed to los angeles. more traffic than usual in l.a. it's a double mess tonight. from the roads to the sky, so far, roads have been pain free, thanksgiving commute here in the bay area, at least when it comes to travel. >> yeah. and everyone has been pleased when it gets to sfo. very few flight delays all day long. still at this hour, the biggest hurdle is going to be if you're planning on parking at the airport, long-term parking is full. much of the short-term parking is almost full. it's likely to stay that way for several days. keep that in mind as you drive to the airport. look over here at security. this is the pretty unbelievable thing, you can base cli walk up, hand them your boarding pass and get right on a plane. the two best words at sfo today could be found all over "on time." >> i actually expected worse. the parting line was very fast. the traffic down here was very quick. >> i travel a lot. i kind of expected there's going to be a bit of con investigatioinvestigatiocongest. >> the reality for most travelers here proved to be much sunnier. >
county, los angeles county and new york city. >>> another big win for apple and its smartphone technology. a silicon valley jury ordered samsung to pay apple $290 million. a federal jury decided on that figure today after hearing arguments from both sides. the dispute is over patents involving the technology you'd find inside of mobile devices like the iphone and ipad. >>> still ahead here at 6:00, california fights back. why the state is rejecting a demand from the white house. >>> and i'm stephanie chuang live at a retirement community with an 85-year-old vet lives but he hasn't been back for a month. what the u.s. government is saying and the very latest coming up. >>> and skipping the line. the shortcut that's just arrived for bay area travelers. >>> and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri. we are tracking temperatures that are dropping with clear skies. we'll talk more about some windchills and who could be the coldest tomorrow morning coming up in just a few minutes. >>> now a developing story that has the world watching. an 85-year-old palo alto man is being detained in north korea. his
a los angeles hospital. >> in the east bay, a man accused of exposing himself at several parks is behind bars tonight. officers arrested 20-year-old shaquille thomas at his home yesterday. police say over the past year, they received several reports of indecent exposure, veterans and mariners park. officers identified the suspect as thomas based on witness descriptions. he's facing 11 counts of indecent exposure. we are learn more about the deadly crash that closed 1 in marin county earlier around 4:30 this afternoon two miles south of stinson beach. a man driving a stolen8x red ha accord crashed 200 feet down a cliff. that man died and the chp shut down the highway while crews worked to get the body and the car. the car was reported stolen out of alay ho. >> officers are searching for a man who has the mental capacity of a 5 year. conseco was last seen walking on vine street near downtown yesterday. he never made it back home. the family says he sufed a traumatic it can brain injury. he was wearing a white t-shirt, black jacket and flip-flops. he walks with a limp and has a cane. alert
, suspect down. >> reporter: we now know ciancia lived in los angeles for over a year. law enforcement sources tell nbc news he legally purchased two guns from a target range not far from his home. in a note, ciancia lashes out at the tsa saying his constitutional rights were being violated and calling himself a pissed off patriot. it also mentions nwo, a possible reference to the new world order, a conspiracy theory that warns of a totalitarian one-world government. ciancia reportedly sent his family back in new jersey an alarming text message just before the rampage. his father was so worried, he asked local police to call l.a. authorities. >> i received a call from the father. he called my cell phone back and he said to me that, i can't believe what i'm seeing on tv. is this true? is this my son that's involved in this shooting? my reply to him was, i heard the same thing, paul, but i haven't confirmed anything yet. >> reporter: that confirmation would come later, most tragically for the family of the tsa agent hernandez. >> i am truly devastated. we are all heartbroken and will mis
suspect to me. >> reporter: near los angeles today, just coincidentally a training exercise. a simulated response to reports of a shooter stalking a mall. >> law enforcement fire, store personnel and security. if any type of situation happens, everybody that works in the mall knows exactly what to do to keep people safe. >> reporter: and here at the garden state plaza mall, authorities say their training paid off with thousands evacuated safely. and another community led to wonder why such violence happened here. ron allen, nbc news, paramus, new jersey. >>> there was news today regarding safety in the air. it's taken several years and a lot of pressure by families who lost loved ones in the crash of a commuter plane outside buffalo, new york. an accident blamed on pilot error. today the government announced major changes for pilot training. the most significant changes in two decades. nbc's tom costello is live at jetblue's training facility. >> reporter: hi, brian. this is all about requiring more time in these sophisticated training equipment. they operate them not just for jetblue pi
affiliate in los angeles. you see a flash of light as it goes across the screen. the national weather service says it's most likely a meteor linked to the south meteor shower that is especially active in early november. people on twitter had other ideas. for instance, comedian eli braden tweeted out "just saw an absolutely insane meteor in the sky above glendale. either that or the alien invasion has begun." >> phenomenons like that are fascinating to watch that happen in the sky. >> we'll see if we see green men walking around. >> we'll see what's happening weather-wise. christina loren talking about our friday-eve forecast. >> isn't it nice to be this close to the weekend? good morning to you, jon and marla. good morning to you at home. now, temperatures are actually running a little bit cooler at this hour. can you see we have a fair amount of cover as well. same sky over san francisco right now. we don't have any fog. that will roll back in as we head into the second half of the day. make sure you are aware of that. temperatures are going to get cooler as we head throughout the ne
deprive trsgender students of their lights. jeff koor so points to los angeles and san fraisco unified, two of the largest school districts in thestate. >> there's not a single case that's been substap shntiatsubs. >> reporter: england adds she is lookinout for students like cane. >> it's unfortunat this child was in a school thatasn't accoodating this school. but it doe't givee or she the right, depending on who the student is, to invade everyone else's privacy. >> rorter: for kate, the new law, still not technically in effect, has changed his life. he came out to his high school's admistrators at the srt of the hool year and n taking p.e., something he avoided before. >> do you ange in the locker room? >> io. >> reporter: and he says tre's been no problems. >> reporter: andane wantshat fo others like hi don't i deserve the same safety atchool and same comfort level at school that al the othe students do? >> reporter: the latest for the privacy for all student campaign, the group collected 620,000 signatures toepeal av-626. but it still has to beery feed, so it could take many days to
reporting from los angeles. from all of us herat nbc news, good night. -- captns by vitac -- >>> nbsports exclusive homof the nhl, premiere league and sochi winter olyic games and sunday nht football. >>> with the majestic rocky mountains inhe distance we greet yofrom sports authority field at mile high in denver where this nfl season began and where it is now the stage for a jor matchup at the 9-0 chiefs take on the 8-1 oncos in the season opening, peyt manning threw sevetouchdown passes to spark a 6-0 spark to t season that had denver looking li super bowl favorites but after an emotional losin indy and got knked around in san diego
to los angeles, however, it is still unclear whether he will play versus the lakers. that's sports, more news after the break. >>> this is for real. kansas is about to become the world's tallest water slide. it will be about 17 stories tall. riders will shoot down that slide at a minimum of 65 miles an hour. >> where is the netting. >> it's scheduled to open in may. the exact height hasn't been nailed down. it will be taller than the current world record holder in brazil. that's taller that niagara falls and the statue of liberty. >> is there going to be netting? netting on the side? >> it looks very dangerous. >> would you have a bathing suit left by the time you got down? >> good question. thanks for joining us tonight. >> we should be in a scuba outfit. >> yeah. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from "the voice," blake shelton! kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb! and the music of imelda may! and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much. we
is punishing the texas panhandle and it appears the east coast is next. miguel almaguer, los angeles. >>> weather channel meteorologist kim cunning hax is tracking the store. what can we expect? >> it will be a mess. we're talking about this storm moving east and we'll look at the east coast. travelers, we want you to be aware of the situation. have alternate plans just in case. let's show you the radar. we're looking at some light precipitation where you see the pink, it is indicating a little sleet. maybe a little light, freezing rain trying to work its way to the ground. still very dry in that area. we expect that to and paneled. if you're in dallas overnight, we're expecting more freezing conditions. temperatures dropping in the 20s. we could see accumulating, maybe sleet. maybe a little freezing rain. your morning commute will be treacherous and likely to see freezing rain as well. anywhere in the purple, that's where travel will be a mess. we'll move east with this. in the southeast, we're too warm. we'll see an all rain event. watch what happens. tuesday during the afternoon h
to board air force one around 3:30 in the afternoon. he is headed to los angeles next. just type in obam that in our search bar and you'll get the latest stories, traffic updates and everything you need to know about the president's visit tomorrow. >> of. >> new details tomorrow about a deadly crash. a beloved high school coach killed this weekend. he was trying to be a good samaritan when he was struck by a car. kimberly terry life there with more on the loss for those who knew him. >> he was an institution on this campus, a coach, the athletic director, excuse me, and also a teacher. the marquee in front of thf school reads you will be nised. it also says thank you, coach webb, for everything. >> the california highway patrol says 76-year-old john webb was driving northbound on highway 680 near fremont around 1:00 saturday morning when he hit a stalled van. webb reportedly got out of his car to help direct traffic. that's when the chp says another car struck and killed him. >> that's exactly what he would have done. he would have tried to help somebody else before worrying about himsel
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